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Synopsis: A modern Romeo and Juliet meet on a city bus. Of course they fall head over heels in love. Life is great when you’re in love however, unfortunately, your fate has already been sealed. A classic story in a far-from-classic, fresh, colorful and exceptionally effective reworking. Starring: Aminata M’Bathie, Naky Sy Savané, Badara N’Gom,

Amenze, In Between Worlds

Synopsis: Upon receiving a long-lost friend’s call from Lagos, Amenze embarks on a journey to reconnect with her real identity after being forced to change her name and move to Brazil as a sex worker. Starring: Simone Manigo, Atualpa Frota Director: Mariona Lloreta Producer: Fernanda Mandriola Writers: Mariona Lloreta Company/School Name: National University Running Time: 00:11:05 Language: English, Portuguese

DoDo TiTi

Synopsis: When a Caribbean nanny’s dedication to her cultural tradition of brewing bush tea conflicts with her American bosses’ lifestyle, she’s not only forced to face her fears of isolation when asked to move into the guest house during a major storm, but finds her self competing with the family’s dog for respect, ultimately becoming

Looking for Love

Synopsis: This no holds barred documentary from a leading British filmmaker combines frank, intimate and humorous interviews to explore modern relationships. The film is focused on the UK’s Black British community as a microcosm of British society.  Individuals, groups, psychologists and comedians consider love, sex, intimacy and forgiveness. Starring: Kojo, Donna Spence Director: Menelik Shabazz Producer: Menelik

Out Of Nigeria

Synopsis: This is a documentary about an epic motorcycle adventure from Lagos, Nigeria, to the Arctic Circle subtitles From Fire To Ice. Its the story of two Nigerians and a British Film maker who was hired to record the whole adventure. Starring: Toyin Adebola, Opeyemi Fodeke Director: Toyin Adebola, Raph Goldberg Producer: Toyin Adebola, Raph Goldberg Writers:

Legends of Ska

Synopsis: Legends of Ska celebrates the music, culture and enthusiasm of Jamaica as a newly independent nation more than 50 years ago. The film chronologically explores the history of the times and the island’s musical impact worldwide. In the spirit of the Buena Vista Social Club and 20 Feet From Stardom, this documentary focuses primarily

9 Rides

Synopsis: On the busiest night of the year, an Uber driver in Los Angeles gets life changing news. Starring: Dorian Missick, Omar J. Dorsey, Robinne Lee, Xosha Roquemore, Amin Joseph, Thomas Q. Jones, Skye P. Marshall, Aasha Davis, Tracie Thomas Director: Matthew A. Cherry Producer: Jerome Caldwell, Matthew Keene Smith, Datari Turner Writers: Matthew A. Cherry Company/School


Synopsis: Destined tells the parallel stories of Sheed and Rasheed (Cory Hardrict) as they explore the idea of destiny as well as how the smallest incident can manifest itself into a life changing event. Starring: Cory Hardrict, Robert Christopher Riley, Margot Bingham, Zulay Henao, Hill Harper, Lala Anthony Director: Qasim Basir Producer: Tommy Oliver, Rick Rosenthal, Codie

Emergency Contact

Synopsis: Roxanna Biltmore is a woman who knows what she wants out of life; and having to sign her mothers name as her EMERGENCY CONTACT after turning 33 years is no longer an option. In this modern day, comedy about finding love, you witness the men of Roxanna’s past and present collide when she decides

Ben & Ara

Synopsis: Ben, a passionately agnostic PhD student, falls behind in his dissertation and is surprised to find a muse in Ara, a devout Muslim. Ben and Ara soon fall in love but grapple with differences in their core beliefs and lifestyle choices.  They discover that when two cultures touch each other, the consequences can be