Because the Ceiling Split My Head in Two

During a road trip, self-sufficient Rena is bottling up her fears of the impending cancer surgery. On the way back, her two best friends, Hunter and Pip, run out of tactics to distract her and have to get her to talk in order to cope.

Starring: Vernisa Allen, Shane Howell, Daniel Deist
 Livia Ohihoin
Producer: Paige Schexnayder
Writers: Livia Ohihoin
Company/School Name: Florida State University

Running Time: 00:04:46
Language: English
Country of Production: 
United States
Year Completed: 2015

Showtime: Saturday, August 27, 2016 | 3:50pm

Location: Atlanta Marriott Marquis  | 265 Peachtree Center Avenue, NE | Atlanta, GA 30303