Breaking Bread: Sunday Brunch (Episode 1)

Breaking Bread… What better way to bring 6 people together for awesome dialogue than over food? Breaking Bread explores the thoughts, ideas, and perspective of 6 people from different walks of life, offering their opinions on today’s trending topics. From politics and religion, sex and relationships, to career and education each participant gives you a glimpse into how every day people feel.  No one ever sits down and converses over food any more, and if they do they are plugged into social media. Having 6 people sit down over a great plate of food, attractive table settings, and preselected topics will give the art of Breaking bread a resurgence in social communication that has been lacking since the rise of social media.  Why is it so hard for women to get along when they have so much in common?  In this episode we explore the opinions from 6 women who differ in their walks of life.  Married with children to single with no children, each woman has a different perspective on love, career, and friendships based on their own life experiences.   Single moms share their experiences about dating, while other singles share their annoyances of the pressures to have children.  Married women talk about being with “the one”, while all the women share their thoughts on maintaining friendships in adulthood.  Each woman has something special to share with each other and proves that the “women can’t get along” label is just a silly myth.

Starring: Shuantell Hayden-Scott, Sarah Maret, Crystal McCorkle, Denitra Gaines, Stacy-Ann Blackwood, Jacqlyn Robinson
 DeShana Pitts
Producer: DeShana Pitts
Writers: DeShana Pitts
Company/School Name:

Running Time: 00:21:46
Language: English
Country of Production: 
United States
Year Completed: 2015

Showtime: Friday, August 26, 2016 | 10:00am

Location: Atlanta Marriott Marquis  | 265 Peachtree Center Avenue, NE | Atlanta, GA 30303