Footprints in the Concrete

Synopsis: Footprints in the Concrete is a musical depiction of how a community came together to save a lost youth, trapped in a cycle of

Out of Bounds

Synopsis: ?Out of Bounds? Directed by Noube Rateau and William Medero goes into a in depth discussion of how athletes deal with issues of the

Romeo is Bleeding

Synopsis: A fatal turf war between neighborhoods haunts the city of Richmond, CA. Dont? Clark transcends the violence in his hometown by writing poetry about

Searching for Shaniqua

Synopsis: Searching for Shaniqua is a documentary that examines the impact that unique, Afrocentric, Islamic and so-called ?ghetto? names have on people?s lives. Starring: Shaniqua

The Making of Outrage

Synopsis: The Making of Outrage documentary explores the impact of Freddie Gray’s death and the Baltimore riots on aspiring filmmakers and artists from Baltimore, MD

Olympic Pride, American Prejudice

Synopsis: In 1936, when 18 African American athletes dubbed the ?black auxiliary? by Hitler participated in the Berlin Olympic Games, defying Nazi Aryan Supremacy and