Synopsis: Ashley is married to Marc, the mother of Landry. Supposed to fetch her son from school, she forgets to go there, takes an outing

Deus ex Machina

Synopsis: An earnest boy must fight for his life after oppression confronts him and his friends on their way to school Starring: Patrick Walker, Terayle


Synopsis: After experiencing trauma, a boy struggles to escape the sudden force corrupting and consuming his world. As he runs throughout his childhood, the aftershocks


Synopsis: In a world where gender roles have switched an average guy’s life is thrown off balance when he finds out he is pregnant. Starring:

Stay the Course

Synopsis: Stay the Course is a short film by Kayla Gladney about Montgomery native Torian Hamilton. She shares her story of finding peace through the

Super Chef

Synopsis: Afflicted with food allergies, a young nerd concocts an imaginary hero, Super Chef, to help him conquer GMOs?and his loneliness at a flavorless summer


Synopsis: Bernie Clemmons is a pastor’s wife with a rigid moral compass. When she is forced to deal with a secret that has been the

Love After Death

Synopsis: A lady finds love again after finding out she is living with HIV. Starring: Aisha Bryant , Solomon Williams , Jeremry Kennan, Sharon Dillard,


Synopsis: Haunted by a dead rape victim, a young father must decide to either turn his only son into the police or delete the only

Diaries of an Immigrant

Synopsis: Diaries of an immigrant is a short film which speaks on the issue of immigrant women in Barbados. It tells a story of a