Dating Now

A woman navigates everything from f*ckboys to ghosting to thirst traps on her misadventures through the modern dating world. Synopsis: Dating in LA is hard enough. For ALICIA, dating in LA is an even bigger struggle as she is part of one of the least desirable dating groups – black women. The few guys who are interested in her are usually white men who fetishize her blackness, or f*ckboys – men who are only interested in one night stands. Alicia is determined to find the man of her dreams, which is why she thinks her fate has finally changed when she matches with JORDAN on Tinder. In addition to being fine as hell, he’s smart, funny, and everything Alicia wants in a guy. Unfortunately, Jordan doesn’t see Alicia the same way. After their first date, Jordan stops answering Alicia’s calls, texts, and, worst of all, ignores her Facebook friend request. Not wanting to give up on love, Alicia employs every tactic in the book, from sending illicit thirst traps (the dick pic of 2018) through Snapchat, to liking several of Jordan’s photos on Instagram. As the series progresses we see Alicia learn to not settle for the first guy who comes along as she meets ADRIAN, an Asian man, who, next to black women, are the least sought-after demographic on dating sites.

Running Time:



Year Completed:

Country of Production:

United States


Brett Takeshita


Tasha Henderson

Cast Members:

Tasha Henderson, Diana Lu, Kenny Leu, Jason Woods


Brett Takeshita & Summer Steele

Screening Date:


Screening Time:



Learning Center, Hyatt Regency Atlanta - Screening Room 2

Screening Address:

265 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

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