Little K

Kimberly Cook aka ?Little K? is a 10 year lovely little girl who loves to dance. As an after school youth dance student at a neighborhood dance studio, she was selected to dance her first solo in the studio?s annual dance recital. She was very excited and extremely eager to share the good news with her parents. Her parents have no clue that their daughter is an extremely talented and gifted dancer. Her parents have never gone to any of her rehearsals or attended any of her recitals. As of late, her parents have been arguing a great deal. Despite Little K?s parents doing their best to avoid arguing in front of their only child, the night they decided to let it all out in front of her, was the night they will never forget.

Running Time:



Year Completed:


Country of Production:

United States


James Ramos, Randy Crumpton, Emile Cambry, Jr., and Eric Peterman


James Ramos

Cast Members:

Ashley Everett, Kennedy Dunkin, Aerial Williams, Veon Selman, Ivan Ellis


James Ramos

Screening Date:


Screening Time:



Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Screening Room 1 - A601

Screening Address:

265 Peachtree Center Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

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