Straight Crankin: A Go Go Documentary

Straight Crankin: A Go Go Documentary chronicles the birth, evolution and impact of the Go Go musical genre. The film charts the development and growth of Go Go, the bands that put Go Go on the map, their styles, the history of the musical art form and its global impact over the past 40 years. The culturally influential musical genre originated in the Washington, DC area during the mid-60s to late-70s, and is a distinctive regional music style that combines funk with elements of R&B, blues, soul, and salsa. From Chuck Brown to the bounce beat, the film features interviews with pioneers of the genre, Go Go Bands, promoters, producers, managers, and the entertainment industry. The film features members of Rare Essence, Experience Unlimited, Backyard Band, Junk Yard Band, Trouble Funk, Be’la Dona, TCB, historical interviews and performances of Chuck Brown and more.

Running Time:



Year Completed:


Country of Production:



Eugene Thorpe, Brenda Mallory, Bruce Walker, Karen Tolson, Matthew Granato, Troy Pinckney, Angie M. Gates


Cast Members:

Trouble Funk (Band), Rare Essence (Band), Experience Unlimited (Band), Junk Yard Band


Eugene Thorpe, Nickolas Dorsey

Screening Date:


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Regency V - Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Screening Address:

265 Peachtree Street, NE

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