The Way Home

Frustrated by having to work at his mother’s corner store on a Saturday, 18-year-old Jimmy seizes an opportunity to prove himself to a Chinatown hooligan. 30-year-old Haiyang follows a Coyote through the US-Mexican border when his younger brother, Bin, starts to fall ill. As Jimmy and Haiyang venture toward their own goals, it becomes clear that there is a very high price to pay. The film intimately follows them on their emotional, physical, and moral journeys, providing a timely exploration of family, identity, and sacrifice.

Running Time:



Year Completed:


Country of Production:

United States


Summer Xinlei Yang


Yiran Zhou , Zheng Nie

Cast Members:

Zhan Wang, Huanzhang Zhang, Henggao Li


Yiran Zhou

Screening Date:

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